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Dear Iranian Producers and Industrialists
By relying God and divine endowments, and in order to supply the agricultural machinery with high quality in compliance with national and international standards, and possibility of macro planning for providing the required machinery in agriculture and promoting the agricultural mechanization, and also reducing the production costs and increasing the production efficiency and productivity in area and subsequently, increasing the per capita income of farmers of Islamic Iran and preventing the immigration of farmers to metropolitan cities and establishing the agricultural organizations, a part of which is production of agricultural machinery with high quality, we tried to establish guild union of producers of tractors, combines, agricultural machinery, equipment and instruments in Spring 2009 in order to grow the industry of agricultural machinery and instruments, protect the committed producers of Iran scientifically and seriously, and also interact with the public sector. We wish to play a critical role in fulfilling the employment and self-independence plans of agricultural products, and sustainable development of agricultural industries and food safety by using the modern technology and providing the field of cooperation of public and private sectors.
With Regards;
Member of Board of Directors


The goals and tasks of this forum are as follows:

1. Attempting to assert the legitimate rights and demands of the members, which may be pursued by the supernatural and institutional nature of the association.

2. Gathering information, researching and researching problems, identifying needs and priorities, establishing a context for collaborative thinking and discussion among members, and thereby promoting collective wisdom in the field.

3. Planning for business needs, training, development and expansion of activities.

4. Efforts to improve resource efficiency and production capacity, transfer of technological innovation.

5. Efforts to coordinate education, training and human resources development, work with the Ministry of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare and other relevant agencies and institutions to provide technical protection and occupational health training.

6- Conducting necessary investigations and providing legal and advisory opinion on the preparation of bills and schemes related to labor laws and social security, welfare issues and legal rights of employers to the relevant authorities.

7. Contribute to establishing, strengthening, and expanding cooperatives and loan funds associated with the duties of the Guild to provide members with additional facilities.

8. Debate, dialogue, and ultimately agreement on common interests and facilitating interaction with other community institutions such as the government to enhance the status of the entity concerned as well as each member. Protecting and protecting the rights and interests of members of the trade union by providing advice and support to public and national authorities and organizations on the objectives of the Association.

9- Accept responsibility and cooperate with ministries, agencies and official bodies in carrying out the tasks and duties assigned to these associations and ready to provide them with the necessary consultations.

10. Continuous gathering of members' product information by mentioning their annual products, encouraging continuous standardized tests.

11. Gathering all the information on the trade union needs of members to set up mass production lines, in particular subsidy credits through the Ministry of Agriculture or the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade and other relevant authorities, and encouraging and enhancing after-sales training and services for Build more trust between farmers and craftsmen.

12- Integrated and coherent participation of members in agricultural mechanization exhibitions, festivals, conferences and congresses.

About us

It is proud to be a member of most of the major producers in the field. With the hope of God and the compassionate producers of the country, this association has clear, yet achievable prospects for the development of this frontier and can be part of Take the winding path of the country's development...

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